Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani

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Site NAK-30

NAK-30, viewed from about 25 m to the west, showing its landscape setting. (Photo by Clive Ruggles)

The view to the ENE from a standing position at the center of the west side of heiau NAK–30. The two upright stones on the far side of the platform frame the pointed, natural outcrop on a nearby ridge, which indicates the rising position of the Pleiades. From a seated position the outcrop stands out above the horizon (see figure 4.10 in the book). (Photo by Clive Ruggles)

DTM-generated profile of the horizon to the ENE as seen from heiau NAK-30. Note that the nearby ridge is not accurately reproduced. The horizontal bar indicates the main axial direction as discussed in the text. The solid shaded line indicates the rising path of the sun at the June solstice while the dotted line indicates the rising path of the Pleaides in AD 1600. For a commentary see page 277 of the book. (Graphic by Andrew Smith)

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  • For a site plan see figure 7.44 in the book.
  • For orientation data see the Additional tables page.
  • For all-round horizon profiles at this site see the All-round profiles page.

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