Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani

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Site KAU-995 (Kou Heiau)

The interior of Kou Heiau viewed towards the altar platform. (Photo by Clive Ruggles)

  • For a site plan see figure 8.24 in the book.
  • Figure 8.25 in the book shows part of the exterior of the S wall at Kou Heiau (KAU-995), with Kaupō Gap in the distance.
  • Figure 8.26 in the book shows the ahu and high ESE wall of the main enclosure at Kou viewed along the axis superimposed upon a Stellarium visualisation showing the star Hōkūho‘okelewa‘a (Sirius) rising behind.
  • For orientation data see the Additional tables page.
  • For all-round horizon profiles at this site see the All-round profiles page.

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