Heiau, ‘Āina, Lani

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Site KIP-1

View eastward along the S wall of the eastern enclosure of heiau KIP-1, showing the low pu‘u about 20 m to the east. (Photo by Clive Ruggles; colour version of figure 7.3 in the book)

Comparison between the eastern horizon here and at other east-facing heiau

DTM-generated profile of the eastern horizon at a selection of heiau facing nearby topographic features with considerable visual impact. In the case of KIP-1 a photograph of a nearby hillock, too close to show up on the DTM, is superimposed (see also figure 7.3 in the book). The extent of the solar rising arc is indicated by the solstitial rising lines (dark yellow lines [or solid shaded line in the case of KIP-1]). The rising path of the sun at the equinoxes (lighter yellow/dash-and-dot line) and of the Pleiades in AD 1600 (blue/dotted line) is also shown. The black-and-white version of this figure, figure 4.13 in the book, includes horizontal bars indicating the direction of orientation of the heiau. (Graphics by Andrew Smith)

  • For a site plan see figure 7.2 in the book.
  • Figures 3.8 and 7.1 in the book show aerial views of the heiau.
  • For orientation data see the Additional tables page.
  • For all-round horizon profiles at this site see the All-round profiles page.

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